Sparx Enterprise

As a Sparx Enterprise Architect experts,Syssoft is recognized as one of the world’s leading company  with regards to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Our expertise include:
  • Setup and deployment
  • Document Generation
  • Scripting
  • SQL Searches
  • Methodology
  • UML Profiles & MDG Technologies
  • Custom Add-in development
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Setup and deployment

  • Which Enterprise Architect configuration is best for us?
  • Should we use a central database or distributed .eap files?
  • Should we use an external version control system or internal baselines?
  • How to setup security, and users?
  • How can we share parts of our model with other models?

If you are lost in the myriad of options for setting up and deploying EA an Enterprise Architect Consultant can help you see the forest through the trees again.


Document Generation

Enterprise Architect ships with a very powerful document generator, but with serious power comes serious complexity as well. We can set up your document templates with virtual documents, template fragments, scripts or SQL to generate the most professional documentation ever with the press of a button.



Enterprise Architect also has a powerful scripting module that you can use to automate certain tedious, difficult or repetitive tasks.
You can use scripting to

  • Make bulk changes to your model
  • Automate Document Generation
  • Create traceability diagrams
  • and much much more…


SQL Searches

Finding things in even a moderate sized model is a daunting task. You can use the standard model searches, but those often yield too much results making it difficult to find the things you were looking for. With SQL Searches you can make searches that find exactly those things you were looking for. Think about searches such as
  • All Classes and Interfaces with a certain name
  • All Attributes that have a specified type
  • All business processes that are not linked to a requirement
Because you can easily export the search results to MS Excel you can also use them as the basis for reporting matrices or impact analyses.


Buying Enterprise Architect is not enough to get your team started. In order to really benefit from a tool such as Enterprise Architect you also need a modelling method.

An Enterprise Architect Consultant can help you define a modelling method, model your meta-model, or implement your existing method using Enterprise Architect.


UML Profiles & MDG Technologies

Enterprise Architect already ships with a lot of standards and modeling languages, but sometimes you need something extra.

From adding a few extra properties to some standard elements to making your own complete modeling language. With the UML Profiles you can tailor meta-elements with your own icons and images, create custom toolboxes and diagram types to your specific requirements.

MDG technologies provide an elegant way to package all of your custom changes and distribute them to the whole organisation. With some help of an Enterprise Architect Consultant you get a a head start at customizing EA fit your needs.


Custom add-in development

Enterprise Architect can easily be extended with your own custom tools. Custom add-ins could be used to increase your productivity, connect to other tools in your toolset, increase the quality of your model,… To have an idea of the possibilities check out our free  and open source add-in EA Navigator.


Maintenance and Upgrades

You can hire an Enterprise Architect Consultant to come into your office for say two half days a month to answer user questions, do some cleanup, and keep you up to date with the latest Enterprise Architect version.

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