Data Visualization

Data Visualization

This space is also known as data exploration or ad hoc Business Intelligence and is often referred to as dashboarding. The data visualization industry has garnered a great deal of attention over recent years because of the easy-to-understand format that complex data is delivered in.


Many experts have broken data visualization out as an area that should be looked at on its own merit outside of Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI). This is largely due to requirements that point to quick data analysis and fast turn around for useful information in an efficient way. Many organizations deploy these tools departmentally and (often) very specifically with a strategy for long-term impact in mind.

Data Visualization Experts: Syssoft's Industry Insight

We assist companies in rolling out a dashboarding approach or weaving it into an existing Enterprise Business Intelligence system.

Making the business successful should be the guiding principle for any deployment. Data visualization allows companies to roll out tools for employees to explore comprehensive data quickly. This is a very real need and WCI can provide a strategy that’s aligned with the organization’s goals to ensure the success of a data visualization project.


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