Database Consulting

Syssoft has consistently managed and maintained Oracle and SQL Server databases with the highest skill set possible. Syssoft’s certified solution experts fill the demand where training, planning, experience and precision execution are critical to a projects successful outcome. Contact us and learn about how our people and technology can help you.

As a data operations customer, you have quick and easy access to our consulting team. No matter the database initiative, Syssoft has a solution. Whether you have projects, upgrades, or looking for some more hands on deck, our services will be the right way, right away.

Database Upgrade

Our experience in managing and administering over hundreds of database instances makes us your trusted partner to help you perform database upgrades with the following advantages:

  • Reduce downtime and cost with the maximum availability architecture
  • Simplify operations through out-of-the box automation, online maintenance controls and sophisticated change management capabilities
  • Reduce testing efforts of up to 80 percent with Real Application Testing
  • Improve performance through faster queries and efficient use of storage
  • Improve data security and user controls
  • Syssoft approaches Oracle upgrades with a focus on quality and efficiency, using a standardized process refined through years of experience. We have developed two distinct Oracle Upgrade Services, available separately or in conjunction, offering our customers flexibility in meeting their unique needs. Our detailed approach to Planning & Analysis ensures the upgrade is performed the right way. Our structured approach to Migration Services, leveraging the Migration Factory approach, enables an efficient upgrade that minimizes disruption to normal business operations.

Database High Availability

Our experience in setting up and administering highly available database instances makes us your trusted partner to help you setup and support high available databases on following technologies:

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • SQL Server Clustering
  • SQL Server Database
  • SQL Server Replication:

Database Monitoring

Oracle Grid offers you a tremendous combination of speed, continuous up time, and cost-effectiveness. Our Oracle Grid consulting services can help you maximize Oracle Grid performance, reliability, and cost benefits for your Database environment.

Our Oracle Grid consulting services can help you:

  • Evaluate whether an Oracle Grid computing deployment is right for your organization.
  • Reduce the risks involved with an Oracle Grid deployment.
  • Adopt the right Oracle Grid technologies for your specific needs.
  • Deploy your Oracle Grid solution with zero disruption to your organization.
  • Ensure your investment is as cost-effective as possible and provides a fast ROI.
  • Standardize your hardware investments.
  • Consolidate your servers and storage with Oracle Database and Oracle RAC for a single source of truth, high scalability, and high availability.
  • Automate the management of day-to-day tasks.
  • Review your existing Oracle Grid configuration and provide recommendations.
  • Execute recommendations to optimize the design, reliability, and performance of your Oracle Grid solution.
  • Provide any number of other custom Oracle Grid services.

Database Performance Tuning

Though a database may be operational and performing adequately, there are often ways to improve this performance. The first step is an analysis that goes beyond threshold alerting and ad-hoc observation. Syssoft’s expert investigates performance across a customer-defined period of time and across the database environment. Using Syssoft tools and expert resources, key factors are analyzed generating concrete performance recommendations. The result is the ability to leverage existing infrastructure for increasing data demands.

A Comprehensive Health Checkup for Accurate Diagnosis

A trip to the doctor does not just focus on individual symptoms. True diagnosis requires an historical evaluation and a look at all of the vital signs as a whole. The same holds true for the database. Syssoft’s expert assesses not only obvious symptoms but potential performance improvements by evaluating the following database factors:

  • CPU Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Memory Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Paging Frequency
  • File System Space Utilization
  • File System I/O Utilization
  • Object Space Utilization
  • Object Fragmentation
  • Error Log Activity
  • SQL Tuning

The analysis is designed to achieve actionable results. Targeted recommendations are produced and presented to organizations to fix, enhance and improve database performance. Syssoft draws on over a decade of experience in managing databases to align the analysis to specific improvement actions. The recommendations are designed to be implemented by internal resources or with Syssoft’s Database Consulting Services.

Database Backup & Recovery

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) provides your organization with rich functionality to efficiently back up and recover your Oracle Databases. Since Oracle RMAN is a complex utility, however, it is essential that you use it properly to ensure reliable and optimal protection of your organization’s data. Our experienced Oracle RMAN experts will enable you to get the most benefit out of Oracle RMAN.

Our Oracle RMAN consulting services can help you:

  • Understand the concepts and best-practice uses of Oracle RMAN
  • Reduce the risks involved with using Oracle RMAN
  • Utilize Oracle RMAN for your specific needs to maximize the cost and technical benefits it provides
  • Determine the best backup schedule for your organization
  • Devise the right Oracle RMAN backup and recovery plan
  • Design and deploy an available and scalable applications platform leveraging Oracle RMAN
  • Review your existing RMAN usage and provide recommendations
  • Execute recommendations to optimize the design, reliability, and performance of your Oracle RMAN processes
  • Provide any number of other custom Oracle RMAN services

Database Auditing

A World of threats, regulations and myths

It is said that the internet offers unlimited opportunities. It is also common sense that the internet creates unlimited risks. Security risks come with accessibility. Accessibility makes your data valuable. If all your data was in filing cabinets or vaults, you could be sure that it was secure, but the time to retrieve it would make it worthless. External exploits by criminals breaking into systems get big headlines, but industry specialists estimate that 80% to 90% of the damage to information systems is done by insiders.

Companies are adopting new or enhanced computer security policies. Sometimes, these policies are driven by the threat of fraud, theft, or sabotage and the associated damage to image, reputation and profit. More and more frequently, enterprises of all sizes are being affected by a variety of laws that have been passed to enforce privacy and accuracy of data in North America and Europe. Along with these laws comes a requirement to audit the security measures that are in place. These laws are becoming a pattern for laws in other countries.

Add to the mix a number of common misconceptions, myths, and “honest mistakes” and it may end up turning into a “perfect storm”.

  • Myth:Hackers cause most security breaches. In fact, 80% of data loss is to insiders.
  • Myth: Encryption makes your data secure. In fact, encryption is only one approach to securing data. Security also requires access control, data integrity, system availability, and auditing.
  • Myth: Firewalls make your data secure. In fact, 40% of Internet break-ins occur in spite of a firewall being in place.
  • Fact: 80% plus of companies use production customer data on development, testing and training environments. Very frequently production data contains credit card numbers.
  • Fact:Many companies rely only on contractual clauses to protect sensitive data they make available to out sourcers and other third parties.
Get started with a database security audit

Although most companies store some type of sensitive data (clients’ details, financial information, human resource data, Personally Identifiable Information) in databases and in spite of the fact this data is critical to keep the business running, many still fail to apply or follow basic security rules, best practices and recommendations.

Moreover, companies often do not realize how much risk is associated with the sensitive information within their database until an internal audit is conducted or a breach occurs. Huge financial losses could result if an employee with access to the sensitive data distributed the confidential information of the business or its customers. Depending on the severity of the security breach, the company’s reputation could be adversely affected, thus resulting in a decline in sales, consumer, and investor confidence.

A database security audit is the systematic, non-intrusive analysis of the database and directly associated components, from a security perspective, to detect issues that may lead to different types of security breaches and/or lack of compliance with the corporate security policy or security mandates.

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