Business Intelligence

What it is

Business intelligence is no longer a “nice to have.” Nearly every organization needs to employ some form of data-driven decision making to achieve their business goals and exceed their competition. Syssoft can help.

Achieve New Levels of Success

Business intelligence — the ability to acquire and apply knowledge — enables you to transform your large amount of data into actionable insights. And thanks to today’s more robust, cost-effective analytics and technology platforms, it’s accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately, more than half of business intelligence initiatives fail due to a combination of challenges, ranging from poor data quality and management to lack of business intelligence expertise to not adapting reporting and analysis as the business matures. Such failure can mean months or years of lost opportunities, significant setup costs, and frustration.

Creating a Business Intelligence Infrastructure

Proper data governance is the first step towards business intelligence and includes:

Defining the data structure based on business requirements
Defining data governance policies
Specifying the data collection process and methods
Processing and preparing the data for analysis
Warehousing the data
Validating the data through quality assurance testing
Solid data management leads to the next phase, visual analytics, which includes report automation, visualizing key performance indicators, alert monitoring (red flags), and answering general business questions through custom dashboards.

Unique Approach to Business Intelligence

One thing that differentiates Syssoft from others is our focus on getting the right data, and knowing how to eliminate the bad. With business intelligence consulting, you’ll discover which metrics are most valuable to your company, which data sources can provide answers to key business questions, and how to display the data in ways that help your team make better decisions.


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